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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My iriver clix gear - Oh the joy

So I recently gave away my iriver clix cradle because it was never really mine to begin with... Does that make sense? Anyways, whatever.

So last sunday I was moping around with no way to listen to music without an external set of speakers or headphones and feeling generally sorry for myself. To rectify it, I hopped onto eBay to search for a new cradle to call my own. Sure enough, I found someone in Canada selling one of these rare beauties and put a bid down on it. Not even a minute later, I discovered that this seller also had a matched FM Transmitter (AFT-200) up for auction as well. So I bid on it too!

Anyways, a few minutes ago, they both arrived safe and sound, and now I am relaxing with blissful tinny (is this a word?) music echoing around my apartment.

Thumbs up for the iriver clix, a great product.

Thought you should know.


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