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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dual monitor goodness

About 2 years ago I purchased two monitors for a dual monitor setup on my home workstation. Unfortunately, I was thoroughly disgusted with the image quality of my mythtv system when I was using my traditional CRT as a monitor. So I sacrificed my second monitor and have been using it as my television for the past long while.

That all changed this week when I purchased a new 26" LCD television to use and the monitor for my mythtv media server.

Now that I finally got my second monitor out of so called bondage, I took the time to configure a dual monitor setup on my main workstation.

I was surprised at how straightforward this was with OpenSUSE 10.3. Originally I had expected that I would need to do at least a little bit of manual configuration inside my xorg.conf. Well, it turns out that dual monitors was far easier than I had expected and I am now working on httperf across the dual monitor set-up.

As a side note, I am using an nvidia 7800GS with the proprietary driver.

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