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Friday, October 3, 2008

New version of httperf coming soon (httperf 0.9.1)!

In spite of the fact that I barely spend any time these days working on httperf, I am pleased to note that activity has not been totally absent.

Pretty quickly we'll be releasing a new version of httperf with a number of enhancements.

The most dramatic change came from Adrian Chad, who implemented a basic port to the libevent notification system. This has dramatically improved the performance of the tool (like in the realm of "orders of magnitude").

New period variation option --period=vT1,D1,T2,D2....Tn,Dn

The idleconn tool is now optional (disabled by default), and can be built using the --enable-idleconn configure option

New options to print result data in new formats (CSV and Key=Value), however this is still being tested.

The idleconn program has been re-written to use libevents non-blocking dns and connection API.

Also, a number of memory leaks have been plugged with a re-write of the timer system.

libevent is now a build requirement.

httperf will try to compile itself with the system compilers c99 option if available.

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