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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Current Projects - 2009-02

So February is rapidly drawing to a close and I figure I should make a note on the status of the various projects that I am working on.

To start with, it is currently 3:30 AM and I am, for the fourth or fifth time this week trying to get firefox to install a file to an specific protected directory (system32 on windows XP and Vista). The problem is that firefox is specifically designed these days to block this kind of behavior (especially dealing with the whole UAC thing).

Anywho, I am also managing a VPS transition for a small manufacturer here in Calgary. Lastly, I have 3 small contracts for web sites with various companies here in town.

Not only that, but I am also working on my Landmark Introduction Leaders program, which takes it's time.

So lots of stuff going on at once. Never mind working on httperf in the background too (only a couple dozen lines written since the beginning of the year).

I feel that I want some minions.

All in pursuit of having more freedom than I know what to do with. (Hence the bike tour this summer).

Later Alligator.

-Ted Bullock

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