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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nokia 6301 and Linux Part 2

I noticed that I have a couple of dozen visitors hit my earlier posting on synchronizing linux systems with a nokia 6301, and given that I am on a bit of high after just posting my previous note about connecting to the net through the the GPRS and bluetooth functions on the nokia 6301 I figure I will follow with my latest discoveries fiddling fun.

I must be turning into a google zealot because everytime I turn around there is another google service available which I want to twiddle. Let me explain.

Currently Evolution does not support synchronizing itself in any sane fashion against a syncml device like the nokia 6301. So all my contacts living inside my client have become increasingly disconnected with the contacts listed with gmail and the contacts that I have on my cell phone.

Obviously the context between these three application is somewhat different in each case. Like I often want to be able to grab a map of my next intended target from the evolution address book, but rarely want to do this inside of gmail itself, and I usually cannot be bothered with any of that rigamarole on the cell phone. Nevertheless, it would still be nice if they were synchronized.

So here steps in google to the rescue with its online syncml service, along with instructions on how to configure the sister device of the 6301 (6300 in this case) to use its service. Note that the Nokia 6301 and 6300 are S40 series Symbian OS devices.

I won't go into the details of the configuration since they are adequately specified elsewhere, but figure I will get to the point, thanks google for providing a working sync service.

Next I want to point out that gmail is available as a binary application on most recent nokia phones including the slightly older models such as the 6301. As a side note, this works with Google Apps as well.

Check out for all the goodies, including google maps.

Sigh, I can feel the tendrils of zealotness swirling around me... Somebody kick me if I go too far.

Anyways, while this isn't exactly a Nokia 6301 and Linux article, the same results can be achieved, so I figure it is a good enough equivalent.

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