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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

BSD Elitism a fine line

The entire concept behind the *BSD OS's are awesome. Free for any purpose. It's great.

Unfortunately, these systems are built and used by people. And as usually is the case when people get involved, a certain number of zealots creep out of the woodwork.

These zealot people (zel-people) have the irritating habit of walking over other peoples ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. This bugs me a lot; thus, this blog post.

I just finished reading the following commentary about the experience that Beranger had in using the FreeBSD operating system: Taking a very long, huge break....

I personally very much sympathize with the author of that little article/rant.

Anyways, without going into to a long justification of how my perspective is right and those other people are wrong, I'll finish up with a few thoughts that I sometimes try to live by.

  • I distrust anyone who feels strongly about anything. I feel very strongly about this.
  • People are a problem

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