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Monday, May 28, 2007

Life the Universe and Everything

So now that I have finally graduated with my shiny new Software Engineering Bachelors degree, I supposedly have some spare time to work on my own projects.

The first thing that I have done is rip out the old comlore web design business aspect of this website and replace it with a trusty weblog. The old business had its day in the sun, but I haven't actively worked on professional web design for a number of years now. Moreover, the pages that used to be in this space were hardly well designed (I was 15 with only rudimentary understanding of web stuff at the time).

Anyways, my list of personal projects is forever growing larger. These primarily focus around two things at the moment:

  1. Open source development

  2. Website upkeep

Under first category, I am working on two important projects; httperf and a kernel space mtp driver for my iriver clix and other similar devices. The work I am doing on httperf originated from my fourth year group engineering design project. The work I am doing on the mtp driver comes from the time I spent working on the user-space mtp driver libmtp during my individual software engineering design project which also occured during my final year of school.

The libmtp project suffers from some pretty substantial deficiencies with its dependency on the libusb library (e.g., device resource sharing is impossible between applications). and really needs to be re-written completely from scratch inside the open source kernel of your choice.

The httperf tool also suffers from a couple deficiencies. Primarily, it's current implementation is a little bit slow and it doesn't scale very well in testing extremely large web systems. Currently, I am re-writing some of the core components of the tool to use the extremely spiffy libevent library. I will never use select() again!

Under my second category of personal projects are the maintenance of a number of webpages that I have written for various purposes over the past several years.

The most important is currently my record of my cross country bicycle trip in which I biked from Vancouver BC to St. Johns NFLD.

The other major project, as well as something of a future career goal of mine is creation of a fairly comprehensive guide on how to build your own home theatre.

On top of all that, I now supposedly need to maintain this here blog!

Anywho, that is just about that for now.


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